Carolyn Bahar


My Adventures in Japan

After graduating from UNC-Chapel Hill on Mother's Day, I hopped on a flight three days later to Japan for a two week adventure. I spent one week in both Kyoto and Tokyo and have to come to learn that Japan is such a magical place. The culture is beautiful. People were always polite and helpful to me as a clueless tourist. It's extremely clean for a densely populated country. The food is delicious. They respect design in such a thoughtful way. I think my favorite part about the culture is how thoughtful everything was from the design to food preparation to education to train efficiency to home decor.

After two weeks, I'm dreaming about moving to Tokyo. Seriously. I was looking up rent for apartments and looking for design studios in Tokyo. At some point in my life, I know I want to live abroad there for at least a year. I resonate with the culture there, and I want to soak it in all over again. Now, I'll have to try to learn more Japanese. Other than, "arigato!"

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