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This section is devoted to my miscellaneous interests. It may include but isn’t limited to ceramics, photography, handmade crafts and things I make, and writing. Enjoy!

Tides change

I’ve recently started a new job as a studio technician at my pottery studio in addition to my publishing. I wanted to learn more about and be more absorbed by the clay. It feels nice to change the routine too. Being a studio technician means I’m basically helping run the studio along with a bunch of other great techs. We do laundry, clean, recycle clay, etc.

It’s a nice change of pace to have my arms in clay and be on my feet for work.

Change is good. It may not necessarily appear to be linear, but in the end hopefully it will prove to be!

Carolyn Bahar
📸 001

Pacific and Hoyt

Hey Ladies! 🎉 On Sale Today!

Hey Ladies! is on sale today! I'm so lucky to have been a part of this book.

John Gall reached out to me this time last year to see if I was interested in illustrating a book. He had seen my work from some stuff I had done for Lucky Peach. A few months later, and I'm in contact with Samantha Weiner, the editor for Hey Ladies!, and am working on illustrating it!

Before this I had only ever done illustrations for articles or marketing campaigns, so this was very different. It was very challenging for me to do multiple illustrations for one thing. I got a bit tunnel vision, but it was ultimately a very rewarding process, and I learned a lot about my process and what I want to explore as an illustrator.

The group photo for the eight girls in the book was definitely the most challenging for me. People are not my strong suit, and I had to draw eight gals to cover a spread! Originally, I had done a version that was much more icon-based.

First Try


I had done this icon style based on the Lucky Peach infographic, Kitchen Brigade, which was the piece I was initially hired from, but after reviewing this version with the editor and authors, they wanted to go in a more realistic direction! With a lot of work and reference shots, we ended up with the final!

Below is my hilarious reference shot and the final version illustration in color for the back cover.

Reference Shot + Final Illustration


Buy Hey Ladies! Here ... or even better! At your local book store!

Carolyn Bahar
Paper Flower 🌸

Yesterday I got a nasty sore throat, so I stayed home from work and slept. For the few hours I wasn't sleeping/drinking water/shivering, I made this little cherry blossom entirely out of streamers. I'm kinda bummed that I missed the Brooklyn Botanic Garden Cherry Blossom Festival yesterday, so I made myself a lil one to have year round.

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