Carolyn Bahar

TinkerActive 💡

TinkerActive Workbooks is a new educational series that includes interactive exercises and hands-on tinkering, making, and engineering activities for play-based learning.

I’ve been very involved with this series since our editorial director began developing it. I designed all of the covers, created the style for the interiors, am currently designing the interiors of two of the books, managing check-ins with designers working on the other four books, and working very closely directing two different illustrators.

Interior Illustrators: Ellen Stubbings, Taryn Johnson, Chad Thomas, Lauren Pettapiece, Eric Wight, Tae Won Yu
Cover Illustrator: Anna-Maria Jung
Creative Director: Colleen AF Venable
Editors: Nathalie LeDu & Justin Krasner
Cover Designer: Carolyn Bahar
Interior Designers: Carolyn Bahar, Phil Conigliaro, Tim Hall, Tae Won Yu, Tim Hall
Video Director & Producer: Tim Hall